Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Babies: Total Freakin' Liars.

I've long held the contention that babies are among the most stupid of God's creatures,
and I've taken plenty of heat for it. Now comes this...
It was always believed that babies' tiny minds could not handle the more
difficult aspects of deception until the age of 4. A few months ago,
behavioural experts at the University of Portsmouth's Psychology
Department found that babies learn to lie at 6 months old.

From the article:

Infants quickly learned that using tactics such as fake crying and
pretend laughing could win them attention. By eight months,
more difficult deceptions became apparent, such as concealing
forbidden activities or trying to distract parents' attention.

By the age of two, toddlers could use far more devious techniques,
such as bluffing when threatened with a punishment.
Dr. Vasudevi
Reddy said: "Fake crying is one of the earliest forms of
deception to emerge, and infants use it to get attention even though
nothing is wrong. You can tell, as they will then pause while they wait
to hear if their mother is responding, before crying again.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: babies are diabolical lifeforms.
The foundation of my long held belief that babies are morons received
a shocking hit today. They are not morons.
They are simply playing a horrifying game of possum with us all.
Watch your back, people...