Thursday, June 7, 2007

... and all you have to do is... Play Ball...

"I was wrong for doing that stuff. What we should have done a long time ago was stand up -- players, ownership, everybody -- and said: 'We made a mistake.' "
-- Jason Giambi, USA Today, May 18

Yesterday Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees was told he must cooperate with Senator George Mitchell's Steroid Investigation
within two weeks, and that the level of his cooperation will determine his fate.

"Any admission regarding the use of illegal performance-enhancing substances, no matter how casual, must be taken seriously. It is in the best interests of baseball for everyone, including players, to cooperate with Senator Mitchell in his investigation."
-- Bud Selig, MLB Commissioner

Here's some comments from Jason's teammates...

"To say either help us or you're suspended? I don't know. Bud Selig thinks he can do whatever he wants. It's like he is trying to do whatever he can."
-- Mike Mussina, RHP, (2-3, $11,070,423)

"I think it's a joke. [They] want you to talk, but if they don't like what you say they will punish you more. There should be no punishment in the first place."
-- Mike Myers, LHP (2.84 ERA, $1,250,000)

and finally, known Freedom Advocate Johnny Damon, OF (.264 BA, $13,000,000):

"I'm still trying to figure out what he's in trouble for -- freedom of speech? You can always go back and get someone in trouble for what they did in the past, whether it's stealing a pack of gum or whatever. It smells fishy. I still don't know what he did wrong by talking."

In other news,

All six fighters tested by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after last month’s UFC 71 event passed their tests for steroids and other banned substances.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Roger Dodger, or, Sizing up the Juggernauts!

...with a big nod to "Mondesi's House", here is the Tale of the Tape for this weekend's storied match-up between the Yankees and the Pirates...
(as of 6/3/07)

Yankees 23-30, .426
Pirates 24-32, .429

Yankees $195 million
Pirates $38 million

Top 5 salaries:
1. Alex Rodriguez $27.7 million.
2. Jason Giambi $23.4 million
3. Derek Jeter $21.6 million
4. Andy Pettitte $16 million
5. Bobby Abreu $15.6 million

1. Jack Wilson $5.4 million
2. Shawn Chacon $3.825 million
3. Jason Bay $3.5 million
4. Adam LaRoche $3.2 million
5. Tony Armas $3 million

Yankees: George Steinbrenner
Pirates: Kevin McClatchy and the Nuttings

Yankees: Average 50,371 per game
Pirates: Average 19,442 per game

And there you have it! Just like Ali-Frazier, no? Go Bucs.

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Delicious Helping of Religion Pie...

Behold! Here is a pie, charting the adherents of the Major Religions of the world.

And the winner is... Christianity! Way to go!
My pick, Judaism, managed to make it into the "other" slice - a bitter slice with no filling whatsoever...

For more on this, and to see how many Rastafari there are, travel HERE.