Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Sweet Victory can be distracting"

And so, I return home from Springfield, Illinois. Home of The Abraham Lincoln Museum, a Pub Food called "a horseshoe", and the heralded Route 66 Film Festival.

Firstly, the most important piece of news:

(From Wikipedia)

This open-faced sandwich begins with thick-sliced toasted sourdough bread, and a couple of hamburger patties or ham. The meat is topped with french fries and smothered with a "secret" cheese sauce. With its many variations, it is a local favorite not often found outside Central Illinois. It also sometimes known as the freedom sandwich.

I chose beef. I chose... poorly.

I did, however, accomplish this:

Well, would you look at that...
The Mid-Western folks liked "He's My Dad".
Perhaps one day our films CAN be shown in Texas!

Long live The Hoogland
Center, and the pageantry of its Award Ceremonies.

Frivolous photos and fun facts to follow, highlights including:

  • Late Night at Bennigans
I see two very nice looking women across the Bar at the Bennigan's where my brother and I are drinking. I decide to go over and give them a couple of postcards of the film, try to impress, get them to the screening. I hit them with the Pitch: "It's about a former Serial Murderer and his relationship with his sassy, 11 year-old daughter..." The sweet looking one says "Ohh! My boyfriend LOVES serial killers! He has a tattoo with 6 of their actual signatures on his leg!".
The other girl says "Does he have Gacy?"
The cute one says "Hell YEAH
he has Gacy!"
I slink away, suddenly wondering if the deadbolt on our door is thick enough.

  • Pleasant facts about Springfield:

And much more!